10 Benefits of Blogging

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Self-expression channeled through internet media is becoming a new hobby for modern society, and online participation has become a trend nowadays. Of course, this will affect the creativity that is constantly created and will open up various opportunities wrapped up in digital form.

Blogging and social media are two parts that are able to show the side of a person that is not published that the whole world can see. In fact, in order for this to happen it does not require a diploma or higher education due to the fact, providing information honestly and simply absorbs the attention of the netizens.

So, what to do?

The world does not immediately recognize who, and what your job is without an “announcement” from yourself. You may ask announcement by what? A hosted blog with its own domain name is a great step. Honestly speaking, it’s okay to use free facilities like Blogger.com, WordPress.com, or Tumblr.com, but it gives you the impression of an amateur (though not really). Therefore, it is better to use a professional blogging platform with a unique domain name to boot.

We must remember that a domain will give you an idea of ​​who you are and, of course, show your professional side. Building a brand online will greatly influence the work and business being conducted. And it can start by creating a professional blog where it will bring many benefits for you and the business you are building.

Here are 10 benefits of blogging for you:

  1. You become a better writer
  2. Add Insight
  3. People will wait for something from you
  4. Become an expert
  5. Be a great seeker
  6. Has extensive networking
  7. Increase memory
  8. Enhancing creativity
  9. The mind becomes more focused

10. Increasing video ability to record.

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